An AG Update

Welcome to the Apocalypse Gaming's new and improved site. We have some new feature images made by our lovely goldenhearted, whom is famous for all of our Community vs Pro Coupons. We also have a ton of new content which describe our past, present and future in our about page. The team page will give you an overview of our Team Fortress 2 teams that we are sponsoring for the ESEA Season 15 (in each division except invite) and our very own UGC Highlander team. The team and player bios will give our fans a quick snapshot into their world. We are home to Community vs Pros and of course it's page will give you some history and information on this famous TF2 event. AG wouldn’t be what it is now without it’s many supports. We now have a page dedicated to the people who have helped us in the past and who currently still assists us on various levels. Lastly, we have our forums up and running. Teams, players, former AG community members and of course AG admins will be posting here on a regular basis, so please feel free to post and build our network once more.
Thank you for everyone’s continued support in Apocalypse Gaming (AG)! We will be having some more exciting news coming in the next couple of months. So, stick around!